WHMIS Final Exam

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Our intent with this course is to provide training, and some participants may not require proof of passing or a certificate.

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True/False Questions

Please answer each of the following questions by clicking in the circle beside either True or False.

1. WHMIS is part of the ISO 14000 system. True
2. WHMIS is required under American and Canadian Laws. True
3. WHMIS must be reviewed annually. True
4. WHMIS is the only training required by legislation. True
5. WHMIS has 8 symbols and each indicates a type of hazardous materials. True
6. A supplier label is the same as a workplace label. True
7. A workplace label can be used as a supplier label. True
8. First aid information is only required on a supplier label. True
9. MSDS must be updated at least every three years. True
10. MSDS is intended to be used in emergency only and must be easily accessible in the workplace. True
11. Employers can prepare their own workplace MSDS. True
12.Emergency telephone numbers are provided on the MSDS. True
13. The type of protective equipment and safety controls are stated in the MSDS. True
14. Illnesses and health effects are described in the MSDS. True
15. Safe use, handling and disposal on the materials are listed in the MSDS. True


Multiple Choice Questions

Please answer each of the following multiple choice questions by clicking in the circle beside the correct answer.


16. WHMIS stands for

Worker Hazardous Materials Information System

Workplace Healthy Materials Information System

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

Workplace Hazardous Machine Information System

Worker Hazardous Materials Information Standard


17. WHMIS is required under

Federal and International Legislation

Federal and Provincial Legislation

Provincial and State Legislation

Provincial and International Legislation

18. Legislated duties for WHMIS are stated for




All of the above

19. Workers under WHMIS legislation must

Participate in training

Follow the Legislation

Report damaged or missing labels

All of the above

20. Supplier and workplace labels must have

The name of the product

Safe handling or precautions

Reference to MSDS

All of the above

21.This symbol indicates



Flammable and combustible

All of the above

22. Alcohol is flammable and may also cause poisoning.

Which of the following symbols are likely to be on the label?

i. ii. iii.

(i), (ii) and (iii)

(i) and (ii)

(i) only

(ii) only

None of the above

23. Compressed Gas may cause

Eye damage

Hearing loss

Skin rupture

Internal injuries

All of the above

24. Workplace materials may enter the body by




All of the above

25. Acute exposure means

Immediate contact

Contact for 6 hours

Contact for a month

Contact for a year

All of the above